A-M-G Cheshire Ltd Equality & Diversity Policy

Section 1 – Policy Summary

This policy sets out AMG Cheshire Ltd approach to Equality and Diversity.

Policy Objectives

We recognise that staff, customers, and contractors are central to our success and that we work in a diverse society. We acknowledge our legal responsibility to make sure all groups have equality of opportunity. AMG Cheshire Ltd policy clearly demonstrates our commitment to ensuring equality and diversity irrespective of:

  • Race/Ethnicity/Nationality
  • Disability
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religion/ belief
  • Marriage or Civil partnership
  • Pregnancy/Maternity

AMG Cheshire Ltd acknowledges that people are discriminated against for reasons other than the protected characteristics covered by the Equality Act 2010 and recognise our moral obligation to challenge discrimination and injustice where practical and appropriate. Our moral commitment to championing equality and diversity will include the following:

  • Socio economic group
  • Appearance
  • Political affiliation
  • Class
  • Membership or non membership of a Trade Union
  • Responsibility for dependants
  • Part time or shift workers
  • Unrelated criminal activities
  • Any other matter which causes a person to be treated with injustice

The aims of this policy are to eliminate discrimination; advance equality of opportunity; foster good relations between different groups; tackle prejudice and promote understanding; and that our customers, contractors, forums and staff reflect the communities in which we work. In achieving these aims, we will comply with the current equality legislation and regulatory requirements.
We have created our Equality and Diversity Policy and the measures to put it into practice on the basis of engagement with our staff and to reflect best practice.
The responsibility for the Policy lies with the Directors of the company. However, each member of staff has a responsibility to make sure they apply this Policy.
In providing the types of services we do we will aim to ensure that we do not discriminate, that we treat everyone fairly and equitably and we will respect their human rights.

Section 2 – Policy Details General

We will not treat anybody receiving services or working for us less or more favourably than anyone else due to a protected characteristic.
We will take positive action when we need to, to allow members of an under represented groups with a protected characteristic to receive equality of opportunity in our services and work.
The Management will role model and champion our commitment to equal opportunities.
Contractors, consultants and other agencies working for us or in partnership with us will be asked to observe our equality and diversity policy.
If we discover unlawful discrimination by partners, consultants, contractors or suppliers we will take action and where necessary we may review or terminate our agreements with them.
We will take effective action to tackle victimisation and harassment and we will always adopt a victim centred approach.
We aim to ensure that all our business premises are accessible and where this is not possible ensure that the service provided is accessible.

Section 3 – Customer Services

In providing services to our customers, we will:

  1. Ensure our stock and services are advertised fairly with an aim to prevent prejudice or discrimination; and
  2. Deal with all customers, clients, associates and suppliers in a respectful manner.
  3. Make sure we deal with complaints promptly, fairly and without discrimination.

Section 4 – Employment

Using tools such as workforce profiling we aim to:

  1. Make sure that we have access to the widest range of people and recruit the best employee for the job;
  2. Make sure that no applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment than another and that, wherever possible, we give them the help they need to reach their full potential;
  3. Achieve a workforce based on ability, which is in line with the working population in the communities in which we work;
  4. Make sure all staff co-operate in this policy; and
  5. Take appropriate action against anyone who breaches this policy.

Section 5 – Record Keeping:

To ensure that this policy is operating effectively and that the organisation is providing a fair and equitable service we will keep records of customer and employees for as long as necessary. Information collected will include the 9 Protected Characteristics set out in the Equality Act 2010. Ongoing monitoring will allow us to take appropriate action to tackle discrimination, victimisation or harassment and promote equality of opportunity.
Each year, employees will be able to check and, if necessary, correct their own records. Otherwise, we will restrict access to this information in line with the data protection regulations.
We will analyse these records regularly and take appropriate follow-up action.

Section 6 – Key Objectives

We are able to design and maintain services that meet the diverse needs of the communities in which we operate.
Clear leadership establishes a strong ethos for equality & diversity and improves our outcomes and service delivery.
Customer and staff profiling data is recorded and maintained where appropriate.
All AMG Cheshire Ltd staff have an understanding of equality & diversity issues that relate to their delivery of service, reflecting good practice and their rights and responsibilities as a member of staff.

Section 7 – Key Outcomes

We will comply with equality legislation and work towards developing mechanisms to challenge and tackle discrimination when providing goods and services.
When employing staff, we comply with all equality legislation
We will treat people fair and equitably to improve equality of opportunity for our staff, customers and clients.

Equality and Diversity

This policy aims to ensure that AMG Cheshire Ltd is fully compliant with its legal obligations and places equality & diversity at the heart of all of its working practices. The policy allows us to consider the needs of all individuals in their day to day work, in developing policy, in service delivery and in relation to all our employees and customers.

Drafted By: Mel Sherwin
Date: 3/05/2018
Version: Version 1